Common Reasons Why Your Toilet Leaks in Your Sonora CA Residence

toiletIt happens all the time; that toilet leaks and causes unsightly flooding of the bathroom. This can cause damage to the floor and other possessions in the bathroom, as well as the basement if the home has one. When you have a leaky toilet, it just may be time to call a professional plumber in Sonora CA.

Leaking Between the Tank and Bowel

If you think this is the problem, you can perform a simple test. Add food dye to the tank. If you see the colored water, this means that the tank may need to be replaced due to a crack. If no crack is found, then the cause may be the tank-to-bowl bolts. Another place the water could come from is the gasket. Depending on the location of the leak, you may only need to purchase a new gasket.

Leaking at the Shut-Off Valve

Ensure that the water is not coming from the water shut-off valve. If this seems to be the case, you will need to purchase a new valve and replace the old one. Prior to purchasing, make sure that the valve is not just loose.

How to Repair a Leaking Toilet

Inspect the Float and Inlet Valve
Take a look inside the tank. If the water level rises above the overflow tube, the problem may be with the float or the inlet valve on the ballcock. Remember that the float rises with the level of the water and tells the inlet valve when to shut off the flow. If this mechanism doesn’t work properly, the water keeps rising until it spills through the overflow tube and into the bowl (Image 1). To check the inlet valve, flush the toilet and, as the water rises, gently lift the rod that holds the float (Image 2) until you hear the water stop. If the water stops, the inlet valve is OK, and the problem is caused by the float.

Adjust the Float
A screw at the top of the ballcock allows you to adjust the level of the float. With this adjustment, you should be able to reduce the level to which the water rises in the tank. If the adjustment fails to stop water from running into the overflow tube, the problem may be with the float itself. For instance, if the float has a hole in it and lies too low in the water, it never rises enough to trip the inlet valve. Check to see whether the float needs replacing. A new rod and float are easy to replace and cost only a few dollars.

Turn Off the Water
If you test the inlet valve as described above and the water doesn’t stop, the problem is with the ballcock itself. Though it’s possible to repair a broken ballcock, it’s usually best to replace the whole assembly:

After turning off the water at the shutoff valve, flush the toilet and hold down the handle to remove most of the water from the tank. Remove the excess water at the bottom of the tank with a sponge.


Leaking Under the Toilet

The most common cause for a toilet leak is the wax ring below the toilet needing to be replaced. Although tedious, this task is not difficult. The wax rings are not very expensive either. In order to replace the wax ring, you will need to shut off the water to the toilet and empty the toilet completely. Loosen the bolts that hold the toilet in place, and remove the bowl. The old wax ring will need to be removed and the new one put in place. Once the new wax ring is in place, you will place the toilet back in its original position. Bolt the toilet down tightly, and turn the water to the toilet back on.

How to Repair a Leaking Toilet

Do you notice a small pool of water where your toilet meets the floor? Does the floor around the toilet feel spongy? Is the finished flooring coming up? If so, you probably have a bad seal between the toilet horn (where the waste exits) and the drain line. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Small leaks trapped beneath the toilet will eventually rot floor surfaces, and even the underlying framing. Wait too long and repair costs rise, especially when you figure in replacing finished flooring and sometimes underlayments, subfloors or even the framing.
In this article, we’ll show you some tips for pulling the toilet and then how to diagnose and fix the common causes of leaks. Finally, we’ll show you how to reset the toilet. After pulling the toilet and examining the evidence, you may get lucky and just have to replace the wax ring and remount the toilet. If that’s the case, you’ll have the stool back on-line in under an hour. You’ll find the products we suggest for making repairs at any home center or well-stocked hardware store.

Before You Pull the Toilet, Pick Up:

A new wax ring
Two sets of 5/16-in. diameter water closet bolts
A tube of silicone-based caulk, in a color to match the toilet
A package of plastic toilet shims if your toilet was rocking

Pulling a toilet is usually simple, but two problems frequently crop up. First, old water supply valves may not shut off entirely, and second, getting old, corroded water closet nuts loose can be a struggle.

Before pulling the stool, you’ll have to shut off the water supply valve and remove the water line leading to the tank . After turning off the valve and flushing the toilet, look in the tank and listen for trickling water. If the water is still running, you’ll have to shut off the main water valve in the house and replace the valve with a new one. Sponge out the excess water from the tank and stool.

Then it’s time to loosen the water closet nuts. If the water closet nuts and bolts are corroded or the bolt spins along with the nuts, it’s easiest to just cut them off with a hacksaw.

If you are unsure that you can perform this toilet plumbing task , call your local plumber in California. He or she will be able to install the new wax ring or new toilet in a short amount of time for a small fee.


How To Fix A Clogged Sink for Your San Andreas CA Home

Clogged SinkA clogged sink can be a daunting task for many, especially if you do not know the right way to fix it. If you have the right tools then fixing a clogged sink can be extremely easy.

Although the stubborn clogs might require some extra time, but with practice you will be able to clean it easily. Different types of clogs require different methods of cleaning. Here are some guidelines that can help you to fix a clogged sink from a certified plumber in San Andreas CA:

  • Greasy clogs can be easily cleaned with soapy hot water. Begin with drying the sink by removing all excess water. Then, pour one cup of soapy hot water in the drain. After a few minutes pour plenty of soapy hot water again in the drain. This process will certainly clear up most of the clog.
  • Another DIY tip is to mix baking soda in boiling water and then pouring it in the drain after removing excess water from the sink. Repeat the same process again after a few minutes by pouring half a bucket of hot boiling water. As soon as the water drains down the sink, repeat the same process again by pouring half a bucket of hot water mixed with baking powder. Flushing hot water usually works for those clogs that are not stubborn.
  • You should always begin with the flushing process and if the process is not working for you then you can use another method. Just remove the excess water and pour a cup of boiling water mixed with vinegar and baking soda. Let this liquid sit in the sink for half an hour and during this time period, you should not use the sink at all. After 30 minutes, pour a bucket full of boiling water in the sink. This should work for stubborn clogs.
  • A plunger can too be used for clearing the clogs. Just start plunging for 30 seconds and your clogged sink should get free of clogs quickly.
  • A plumbers snake can be helpful for those who are facing clogs in the pipes and if the flushing process is not being helpful.

There are many ways to fix the clogged sink. The only difference will be that some clogs will get cleared quickly while the others will take some time. All you need is a bit of patience and time to fix the clogged sink. So, save your money and try these DIY tips from a licensed Calaveras County, California plumber. Otherwise, you can call Plumbers911 for more reliable service!


Prevention is Better than Cure – Call Your Local California Plumbing Experts Today!

Plumbing is univdrainersal.  It  is the same as anywhere else you will go; piping systems, pressurized water drains, and more. Unfortunately, living in California will force you to brace for plumbing catastrophes that deal with hurricanes and other natural disasters. There are certain precautions that an expert in plumbing will take to ensure plumbing issues are cut to a minimum. An expert in plumbing will be able to install backflow preventers to ensure no waste water rises in your drains or toilets.  

Sewage drainage relies on a certain amount of pressure to allow waste water to drain. When a natural disaster happens, or severe weather, the pressure is reduced or increased in any case, the interruption in pressure will enable waste water to back up into your pipes, and ultimately inside your home or business.

 Once backflow becomes an issue, it will cause thousands of dollars in repairs. In order to keep the damage from happening, the preventers will keep the pressure from disturbing your piping system. Another key to keeping backflow from becoming an issue is to not use your plumbing during bad weather. This can cause difference in the pressure as well.

When you open a business in a new location or purchase a new home, it is a great idea to have your local plumber in CA to come in to look at your pipes. The backflow preventers will be installed in strategic places. Plumbing involves being prepared for weather that can cause plumbing issues.  This includes the draining system in the basement of your business or new home.

When backflow invades a basement, you are up for a brand new set of problems. This will damage your flooring, dry wall, wood, trim, and everything else that will cost you. The clean up alone will cost thousands, then you have to worry about replacing the damaged portions of the walls and floors. It is best to take preventive measure when dealing with these types of problems. In the long run, you will save an immense amount of money.  Call in a California plumbing expert to help you resolve your recurring problems as soon as possible.

Home Plumbing Tips From a Licensed Contractor in Sonora

Home Plumbing in SonoraHave you ever thought how your plumbing system was designed or built? This advice is actually going to be very useful for those of you who are planning to have your house built or for those people who are about to have re-piping in their homes.

It is best to plan ahead on how your plumbing system will work before anything else. Meaning, from the meter going to your heating system, how your pipes will run through your house and have pipe extensions or branches that go around the bathrooms, kitchens, toilets etc.

Needless to say that your plumbing system must supply water in each area where it is required to come out. This task could be tricky and pretty much difficult as you may come across some obstacles along the way.  The best move is to plan with and hire the most reputable and licensed home plumbing company in Sonora.


How to Design a Home Plumbing System

Home plumbing systems must bring hot and cold water to the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and exterior taps at adequate pressures and in the required volumes. They must safely remove waste water while venting waste water odors and gases and keeping them out of the living quarters. For the water supply, there must be shut-off valves for the entire system and for each unit supplied with water so that individual units can be shut down without affecting the entire system.


Did you ever encounter leaky faucets, smelly drains, overflowing sink and a lot more? Most probably yes and I would assume that for those people who are not knowledgeable in plumbing hired professionals to tend to thier concerns. Nevertheless, there are ways to prevent these things in happening. For those basic problems, you can opt to DIY to save money. However, I must admit that we can only do so much.  So, for the more complicated plumbing problems, I strongly urge you to hire the best residential plumbing contractors in Sonora.


How Prevent Home Plumbing Problems

Damage to your personal property as a result of a plumbing-related incident may be covered by your homeowners or renters insurance, but the cost to repair the plumbing that caused the damage is most likely not covered by insurance. Properly maintaining sinks, drains and other plumbing features can help prevent home plumbing problems.


To make your job easier when you need somebody you can trust, make sure to trust only a licensed professional plumbing service in Tuolomne County. Contact only Plumbers911!



Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas for Your Central Valley Home

kitchen remodelingDo you feel like your kitchen is outdated? Do you want to give it a makeover?

Well, since this is one of the busiest places in our home, it’s important to carefully think of how you’d like this area to look.

Diving in to a kitchen remodel project shouldn’t be a hasty decision.  I had to go through a lot of pros and cons before I even finalized the design I wanted.

I was very meticulous especially with the tiles to use, the countertop and even the color scheme.  But before I got the design I wanted,the biggest and most important concern was: how much was I willing to spend?

Once I have set aside a budget for this project, I was ready to look for the different designs and I couldn’t wait to get started! I searched online for photos and tips and saw this very helpful article.

Kitchen Design & Remodeling Ideas

Planning a kitchen renovation? Explore our favorite kitchen decor ideas and get inspiration to create the kitchen of your dreams. Upgrading a kitchen is full of possibilities, and even a few simple budget ideas can refresh, modernize your kitchen design. Whether you’re working within an existing layout or starting from scratch, we have ideas for modern kitchen design to design ideas for small kitchen to boost efficiency and comfort. From DIY ideas to hiring a pro, our design advice and how-to ideas tell you everything you need to know about planning a kitchen remodel.

Having your kitchen remodeled doesn’t necessarily mean a total makeover.  You don’t actually need to replace the entire area or the existing tiles that you have.  Maybe all it takes is a simple upgrade in your kitchen appliances or new counter fittings.  You can also choose a new color or paint your walls with a new hue for a different look.  Check out the article I got to get 20 helpful tips for your project:

20 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

1. Open Up and Update
Opt for open shelves instead of upper cabinets to provide display space and make a small kitchen feel larger. Install shelves at standard upper-cabinet height — the lower shelf is 18 inches above the counter.

2. Upgrade Your Appliances
The most popular kitchen update is installing new energy-efficient appliances, such as a dual-fuel range with convection double ovens, a high-tech range hood, an ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerator, and a water-saving paneled dishwasher.

3. Update Hardware
Add more personality with new cabinet hardware. Create a cohesive look with a mix of knobs and pulls in the same style family.

If you need a kitchen plumbing appliance upgrade or a complete remodel, the last step is to find the professionals to do the job for you. Look for expert residential plumbers in Tuolumne County to help you with your kitchen remodeling project.  Call Plumbers 911 California today!

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